I painted a guitar

 My father had this guitar standing around so I took it and painted it. I looked on youtube on how to paint flames and this was a good example. I made a stencil and started airbrushing. This is the final result. The guitar will be sprayed with a coat of gloss to lock the paint.

10 before 30: Warhammer World England

So here's number 10! A few months before turning 30, the quest was completed with an outstanding visit to Warhammer World, the source of all magic.

A couple of hours' train ride from London, Nottingham is a charming English city, but who's got time to play tourist when Warhammer World is just a short taxi ride from the train station?

It can take a full day to enjoy all of it and then even more to let it sink in, because there's a lot to see, so much it's overwhelming. First time, people take a lot of photos, to enjoy later, but a second visit would actually give you the time to chill and look things over thoroughly.
The dioramas are impressive, way bigger than you would expect, some are the size of a living room. However, after much time and effort, still didn't manage to find the assassin on The Battle for Angelus Prime.
Also, have your piggy bank ready, because you'll smash it as soon as you enter the Warhammer World shop.
I had the oportunity to meet Max one of the Lead Designers from GW and the legend "two thin coats" Duncan.