The Others: Sloth Abominations

Since I used these models in Warhammer, I decided that they should be painted next. I had no idea what is the assigned color for sloth, so I went online and found an article but I couldn't download it so I painted the models as they were drawn in the rule book of the game.
First I covered the gaps with liquid green stuff.

Pestilent Vermin vs Elven Union - Second Half

Thousand Sons vs Space Wolves Game 3

Mission: Get the Grot!
Deployment Type: Hammer and Anvil
Imperium Point Limit: 1500
Chaos Point Limit: 1000

For the third game of this narrative campaign, I prepared a special mission where both armies want to capture the Grot that infiltrated in the city ruled by Chaos. The Grot has 3 tokens. He cannot be killed with normal attacks, instead in each player turn, if he has units within 1", he loses or gains a token. The game is won when the Grot gets to 6 tokens or it's reduced to 0 and he is killed.
Another special rule for this mission is that for the first 3 game turns, Magna uses the warp flame of the Tzeentch shrine to resurrect any Thousand Sons unit.
As Chaos fights the Imperium, Ork forces appear on the battlefield to recover their Grot. After both players finish their turn, Ork move towards their little one, shoot and assault the closest unit. To determine what kind and how many units will appear on the battlefield, we rolled 2xD6 and consult the chart:
2-3: Gretchin - 4xD6 models
4-6: Boyz - 5xD6
7-8: Nobz - 2xD6
9-10: Lootas - 3xD6
11-12: Gorkanaut

Storm of Pradus - My story so far

The north-west region of Romania started a campaign called Storm of Pradus. With this post I want to add a small story to my latest games and set a starting point for the games that are about to follow.

In the Pradus system, on one of the planets, the Chaos forces have installed large factories and mining facilities, manufacturing titanic war machines. Adeptus Astartes sends it's Imperial Knights to deal with this threat. As the titanic machines approach the city they notice that somebody else had come to steal this city's resources. A Stompa was smashing everything and yelling: "Shoot! Smash! Stomp!".
Over the radio the Imperial Knights receive their orders: "Do NOT engage the Orks! Focus on the factory. We must destroy the heretics."
The sound of the Stompa's destruction alerts Chaos and they prepare for battle, sending a Greater Brass Scorpion, a Khorne Lord of Skull and a Renegade Knight, lead by a Chaos Lord called 'Fachiru'. At first Chaos concentrates its fire on the Stompa, only later they notice the worshipers of a dead man.
The battle ends with Chaos completely destroying its enemies, but an Ork Grot, using magic, disguised himself and infiltrated the facility. One of the Knights managed to send a distress call and a small group of Imperial Fists was dispatched. Knowing the brute strength of Chaos on the planet, the Imperial Fists send its Scouts to investigate the movement of the machines and so they managed to attack one titan at a time. First they isolated the Brass Scorpion and killed it. 'Fachiru' the Chaos Lord fled the battle and called for reinforcements, returning with a Khorne Lord of Skulls. The Imperial titan was already wounded in the battle with the Scorpion, now it was destroyed by the Daemon Engine.
Fachiru took the Lord of Skulls to the factory for repairs.
In the mean time, the Grot kept changing its appearance, taking the form of Warpsmiths and gaining access to the blueprints of the titan machines.
It's been one month since the Imperial Fists failed to destroy the factory, Adeptus Astartes prepares another assault on the city and sends the Space Wolves to gather intel about the city and the factory.